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Newmarket Underpinning & Basement Lowering

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Underpinning Licenses and Reviews

Newmarket’s premier underpinning and basement lowering service provider, VMB Group, boasts an illustrious 15-plus years of experience. Our hallmark is our dedication to superior craftsmanship and our unwavering pursuit of client satisfaction, ensuring every project we undertake surpasses expectations. With a track record of delivering more than 50% return on investment to our clients, VMB Group is your trusted partner for transformative home enhancement solutions.

What Is Basement Underpinning?


Basement underpinning emerges as a specialized construction practice designed to deepen the existing foundation by integrating new footings beneath the initial ones.

This technique requires precise excavation below the existing footings to install new, stronger footings at a greater depth, significantly reinforcing the foundation’s overall stability and life span. This improvement not only accommodates additional living or storage spaces but also upholds the home’s structural integrity.

Embarking on basement underpinning is a detailed operation, where the old foundation is carefully dismantled, the ground underneath is thoroughly excavated, and a new, advanced foundation is laid. This careful process ensures that your domicile is fortified, becoming more sturdy and enduring, which in turn, could substantially elevate its appeal in the real estate market.

Electing to lower your basement delivers myriad benefits: it not merely enlarges the scope for storage and boosts ceiling height for improved access and comfort but also resolves foundational issues, guaranteeing a secure base. Additionally, this method introduces extra usable space at a cost that is significantly more cost-effective than what is traditionally associated with home extensions.

What Are The Benefits of Basement Lowering Newmarket

What Are The Benefits of Basement Lowering?


A home’s foundation can be affected by a variety of issues such as soil displacement, the infiltration of water, or the gradual settling of the structure, all of which can undermine the home’s foundational support. Through the process of basement underpinning, these significant problems are targeted and resolved, reinforcing the foundation to assure its stability and ensure its enduring resilience.


For homeowners in Newmarket who are motivated to enhance their living conditions and elevate their property’s worth, engaging in basement lowering presents numerous compelling benefits:

  • Structural Stability: Lowering the basement floor offers a potent remedy for addressing structural impairments that might crop up over time, including the prevalence of sagging floors, the emergence of wall cracks, or the uneven settling of the foundation. Underpinning introduces a firm and uniform foundation, effectively rectifying these issues.
  • Increased Usable Space: The underpinning procedure notably increases the height of the basement’s ceiling, thereby making the area vastly more open and hospitable. This additional basement space then has the capacity to be developed and turned into an operational, habitable space.
  • Improved Property Value: Modernizing a basement by augmenting ceiling height and creating extra living space considerably boosts the overall market value of a home. Properties that feature revamped basements, showcasing functional and flexible living spaces, are often more appealing to prospective buyers. This attraction leads to an enhancement in the resale value of the home and increases its desirability in the real estate market.

How Much Does it Cost to Lower Your Basement in Newmarket?

Homeowners contemplating basement lowering in Newmarket should budget for an expenditure anticipated to lie between $30,000 and $70,000. The investment required for basement underpinning generally falls within $70-90 per square foot, accounting for labor, materials, and all necessary equipment to fortify and reduce the level of the existing foundation.


It’s vital for property owners to understand that these numbers are provided as general guidelines, and the actual cost may deviate based on the distinct characteristics of each project and fluctuations within the local market. For obtaining a precise calculation of the expenses involved in basement lowering in Newmarket, it is advisable to consult with contractors who have a deep experience. Such professionals are capable of offering comprehensive estimates, closely tailored to the nuances and specific requirements of your particular project, ensuring a clear expectation of the financial commitment needed.

What Influences The Cost of Basement Lowering in Newmarket?


The process and subsequent cost of basement lowering in Newmarket are determined by a variety of influential factors, listed as follows::


Basement Size: The area and volume of the basement significantly dictate the extent of excavation and underpinning activities that will be necessary. Generally, the costs escalate for larger basements owing to the increased demands for labor, materials, and the extensive usage of equipment.


Depth of Lowering: The targeted depth adjustment during the basement lowering project is a critical cost determinant. More profound lowering requirements result in the need for more elaborate underpinning methods and further structural modifications, enhancing the overall project expense.


Foundation Condition: The pre-existing state of the foundation is instrumental in defining the project cost. Foundations with considerable wear or that mandate significant repair work can necessitate additional procedures, leading to an uptick in the total cost.


Structural Complexity: The complexity involved in the required structural alterations for basement lowering substantially influences the cost. Projects featuring elaborate designs, complicated access, or unique demands generally demand increased resource outlay and extended timelines, culminating in greater expenses.

To ensure a detailed and accurate understanding of the various costs and budgetary considerations for a basement lowering project in Newmarket, it is advised to seek the expertise of professionals. Consulting with experienced contractors who can provide tailored estimates based on your project’s unique specifications is crucial for gaining a clear insight into the expected financial commitment.

Underpinning & Basement Lowering Services We Offer


Strengthen your foundation and secure your home’s stability with our expert basement underpinning services.

Basement Lowering

Unlock additional living space and increase ceiling height by lowering your basement floor with our professional solutions.


Enhance the support and stability of your structure with precision-engineered bench footings tailored to your specific needs.


Maximize usable space and accessibility by excavating and converting your crawl space into a functional area with our efficient excavation services.


Upgrade your basement with a walkout entrance for added convenience, natural light, and enhanced accessibility to your outdoor space.


Transform your basement into a fully functional and inviting living area with our comprehensive finishing services, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Why Choose VMB Group for Basement Underpinning in Newmarket?


Choosing VMB Group for your basement underpinning initiative in Newmarket means collaborating with an elite team of underpinning professionals, committed to guiding every facet of the project from the initial site analysis to the ultimate completion. Here’s the unique VMB Group advantage:

Thorough Site Assessment: Our skilled experts undertake a detailed examination of your property, identifying its distinct features to formulate an underpinning strategy precisely tailored to your requirements.


Comprehensive Planning and Permitting: We are responsible for all aspects concerning design, planning, and securing the required permits, ensuring a smooth and effortless process on your behalf.


Secure Structural Support: Safety is our highest priority; we employ stringent measures to bolster the structural integrity of your home throughout the underpinning journey.


Precision Excavation and Construction: The process begins with vigilant soil removal and dismantling of any outdated foundation, followed by the careful installation of new concrete footings and walls. This careful approach leads to the construction of a solid and durable foundation designed to support your home for many forthcoming years.

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About Newmarket and Basement Lowering In The Area

Tucked away just north of Toronto, Newmarket is a bustling and thriving municipality that beautifully blends historical charm with modern living. A part of the Greater Toronto Area, Newmarket is home to over 84,000 residents, according to the 2016 census, and is celebrated for its vibrant community, lush parklands, and a dynamic, thriving economy. Renowned for its well-preserved Main Street, the town offers a unique shopping and dining experience, set against the backdrop of historical architecture and contemporary conveniences.


Newmarket enjoys a climate that is typical of Southern Ontario, featuring seasonal variations that allow for a wide range of activities throughout the year. The town is a hub of cultural activity, hosting numerous arts and crafts shows, festivals, and community events that bring the spirit of Newmarket to life. Combined with an assortment of retail outlets, eateries, and entertainment spots, the town provides an engaging and lively environment for all ages.

For homeowners in Newmarket considering undertakings such as basement underpinning, it is crucial to navigate the process of obtaining the necessary building permits from the local municipal authorities. Projects designed to increase the usable living space, enhance the ceiling height of basements, or reinforce the foundation’s stability are subject to strict regulations and standards. The expert team at VMB Group stands ready to guide you through the entire permit process, ensuring that every aspect of your project adheres to the precise requirements and building codes established by the town of Newmarket.


Opting for the VMB Group for your basement underpinning project in Newmarket signifies entrusting your home to a team committed to distinction and excellence. Our approach is rooted in delivering projects with meticulous attention to detail, safety, and alignment with all regulatory standards. Our dedication to professionalism ensures a seamless and efficient enhancement of your home, tailored to meet your specific needs and aspirations.

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FAQs About Underpinning & Basement Lowering

Basement lowering is the process of excavating the existing basement floor to increase ceiling height and create additional usable space. This can significantly enhance your living space by providing room for extra bedrooms, entertainment areas, or home offices.

Signs such as cracks in the walls or foundation, uneven floors, doors or windows that stick, or a desire for more headroom in the basement may indicate the need for underpinning or basement lowering. A professional assessment from a reputable contractor like VMB Group can provide specific recommendations based on your property's condition.

While construction work can cause some disruption, experienced contractors strive to minimize inconvenience to homeowners. The duration of the project depends on factors such as the size and condition of the property, the extent of work required, and any unforeseen challenges encountered. Generally, these projects can take several weeks to complete, with your contractor providing a detailed timeline.

Yes, underpinning ensures the stability and structural integrity of your home's foundation, which is essential for its long-term value and resale potential. Additionally, basement lowering can significantly increase the usable space in your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers and enhancing its overall value.

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