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Underpinning Licenses and Reviews

At VMB Group Underpinnings, we are Mississauga’s top local choice for basement underpinning for several reasons. Firstly, we’ve successfully completed more basement underpinning projects in the GTA than any other company. With a dedicated team of 20 crews, we ensure swift and efficient service to promptly meet our clients’ needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our stellar 5-star reviews, highlighting our unparalleled response time and fair prices. We will be happy to serve you if you choose us.

Basement Underpinning Mississauga

At VMB Group Underpinnings, we are Mississauga’s top local choice for basement underpinning for several reasons. Firstly, we’ve successfully completed more basement underpinning projects in the GTA than any other company. With a dedicated team of 20 crews, we ensure swift and efficient service to promptly meet our clients’ needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our stellar 5-star reviews, highlighting our unparalleled response time and fair prices. We will be happy to serve you if you choose us.

Why Consider Basement Underpinning?

Basement underpinning is far more than a simple renovation. It’s a comprehensive enhancement that fortifies the foundation of your home, significantly boosting its structural integrity. This meticulous process involves the careful excavation of soil beneath your basement, followed by the strategic pouring of concrete to lower the floor level and reinforce the walls. The outcome? A sturdier building structure and an increase in the ceiling height of your basement, transforming it into a versatile space that caters to your specific needs.

underpinning process


Benefits of Basement Underpinning

Enhanced Structural Integrity

Basement underpinning in Mississauga is more than renovation. It’s a foundational upgrade that significantly enhances structural integrity of your home. This process involves foundation reinforcing, repairing any existing weaknesses or damages.


Hidden structural issues often found during underpinning.  They need to be eliminated because they can significantly affect long-term stability and safety of the building. Process involves close coordination with structural engineers and city inspectors to comply with local standards.


Result is a stronger and more durable home that would be in best conditions for many years. This foundational strengthening provides peace of mind and contributes to the overall longevity of your property in Mississauga.

Smart Home Expansion

Basement underpinning in Mississauga is a strategic approach to home expansion. Underpinning is a more economical and efficient solution compared to floors adding or building extension.


This process effectively increases usable square footage of your home by transforming basement into a functional living space. It’s an intelligent investment in areas like Mississauga where property values are high.


Underpinning also significantly enhances its market value. This approach eliminates the need for relocation or undertaking more disruptive and costly construction projects.

Improved Basement Waterproofing

Basement lowering in Mississauga opens opportunity to significantly improve your home’s waterproofing. Basement walls are exposed during the underpinning process and allow install advanced waterproofing techniques.


This step is crucial in areas like Mississauga because basements here are prone to moisture and water damage. Your basement would be safeguarded against leaks and dampness with modern waterproofing systems that include membrane installation and proper drainage solutions.


This preventive measure protects structure and foundation of your home from water-related damages and ensures healthier living environment. Enhanced waterproofing adds longevity of your property.

Financial Benefits

Investing in basement underpinning in Mississauga offers substantial financial benefits. It significantly increases your property value. Stronger foundation and additional living space are attractive features in the real estate market.  It often leads to higher resale value.


Extra space also can be used for various purposes like rental units which provide steady source of income. Basement underpinning cost can often be recouped through rental incomes or increased property value. Basement underpinning is a strategic investment that can give you long-term financial rewards.

Basement Underpinning And Lowering Cost Mississauga

In Mississauga, basement underpinning typically costs between $300 to $500 per linear foot. For a standard project, this translates to a total expense ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. Basement underpinning cost in Mississauga varies and is influenced by your basement’s size, underpinning depth, project complexity, and additional features like waterproofing and needed structural repairs. 


Basement underpinning is often a more economical choice compared to other home expansions. Initial cost may be significant but it is important to view basement underpinning as investment in your home’s future. Underpinning expands your usable space and enhances your home’s functionality. It also adds utility and flexibility to your property for future renovations.

Basement underpinning cost Mississauga

Which Permits Do I need for Basement Lowering in Mississauga

Securing permits for basement lowering in Mississauga is a straightforward process that can be undertaken either through a visit to a local Municipal Service Center or by making an application online via the ePlans portal. It’s an essential step to ensure that your underpinning project complies with local building codes and regulations.


When comparing the permit acquisition process for basement lowering to that of constructing a home addition, you’ll find that not only is the process for underpinning generally faster, but it’s also more cost-effective. For those considering underpinning in Mississauga, the anticipated cost for obtaining the necessary permit hovers around $2,200, with approval times averaging about three weeks.

Basement Renovation And Waterproofing Rebates In Mississauga In 2024

Mississauga homeowners are eligible for a $700 rebate to install a sanitary backwater valve, a crucial measure against sewage backflow during heavy rains or floods. For rebate eligibility, the home must be in a flood-prone area, and the installation needs municipal permitting and adherence to specific standards by a licensed technician. This initiative aims to increase home safety and motivate proactive flood-prevention measures.



20+ Years of Experience In Basement Lowering In Mississauga :

At VMB Group, we bring years of experience to every job. Our team is highly skilled in all aspects of basement underpinning from the initial assessment to the finishing touches. We’re constantly keeping up with the latest techniques and technologies and this allows us to achieve top-notch results.


Quality of workmanship:

Quality drives our basement underpinning projects. We focus on every detail, from start to finish. Our team ensures that each step meets high standards from the initial groundwork to the final concrete pour. We aim to deliver a basement that’s robust and lasts for decades.


Customer satisfaction focus:

We proud that’s our services make our clients happy. We strive to exceed your expectations from estimate to finishing touches. We believe in clear communication, understand your needs and strive to make sure you are delighted with the end result. Your satisfaction is our success.


High-Quality Materials and Tools:

We choose best materials and tools for our basement underpinning projects. Our team uses top-notch equipment and selects premium materials for every job. This approach guarantees long-lasting strength and durability of your newly underpinned basement.


Commitment to Safety:

We take safety seriously. Our team is thoroughly trained in the safe handling of all equipment and materials. We are always committed to providing a safe working environment for our team, your family and property. We’re fully assured for your peace of mind. Safety is our priority from start to finish.



Strengthen your foundation and secure your home’s stability with our expert basement underpinning services.

Starting at $320 per ln/ft

Basement Lowering

Unlock additional living space and increase ceiling height by lowering your basement floor with our professional solutions.

Starting at $260 per ln/ft


Enhance the support and stability of your structure with precision-engineered bench footings tailored to your specific needs.

Starting at $210 per ln/ft


Maximize usable space and accessibility by excavating and converting your crawl space into a functional area with our efficient excavation services.

Starting at $160 per ln/ft


Upgrade your basement with a walkout entrance for added convenience, natural light, and enhanced accessibility to your outdoor space.

Starting at $550 per ln/ft.


Transform your basement into a fully functional and inviting living area with our comprehensive finishing services, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Starting at $55 per sq/ft

*These prices give you a rough idea of what those services might cost. The final price can vary depending on your project.


Permits securing is a crucial legal step. It includes detailed plans submission to Mississauga's building authorities. Architects and engineers collaborate to create plans that meet local codes. Permit stage can require several revisions because city inspectors feedback can lead to adjustments. Timely and accurate documents submission will allow you obtain work permission quickly.

Basement excavation may influence the home's stability. Our architects start by dividing basement into 2 to 3 feet long sections. We excavate these sections in 3-4 stages. This keeps your home stable during construction works.

We set up wooden formwork for the concrete after digging each section. Inspector checks everything before we pour concrete. Work with new stages starts only when concrete hardens. This methodical process repeats for each stage until we complete underpinning around entire basement.

After walls underpinning, we focus on the basement's center excavating. This step involves removing bulk of the soil. We use small excavators for efficiency if it's possible. In cases where basement access is limited, we carry out this excavation manually with shovels. In this case work typically takes about a week.

We carefully demolish internal load-bearing walls during this stage and install temporary jack posts. They maintain house's stability. Our team meticulously performs all these tasks and follows detailed drawings under engineers’ supervision. This will ensure that each step is completed correctly, and your home is safe throughout the entire process.

High-quality drain system installation is essential because basement susceptible to moisture. This step is crucial to prevent leaks and dampness in newly renovated space. We offer various drainage solutions and discuss best option with each client ensuring personalized approach.

This stage also presents an ideal opportunity to replace entire plumbing system. Upgrading the pipes during underpinning eliminates the need for future disruptions, such as concrete slab or walls demolition. It's proactive approach that enhances functionality of your basement and contributes to the long-term integrity of your home's plumbing.

Tackling basement moisture effectively requires more than just a drainage system. We install Delta membrane on the interior sides of the basement walls to protect against moisture and dampness.

We lay gravel level after foundation excavation. It ensures solid and water-resistant base. This step is critical to preventing water seepage from underneath the foundation.

We also prioritize damp proofing and actively treat walls and floors. Damp proofing layer blocks moisture from penetrating into your basement. This combination ensures that our basement stays dry and healthy for years.

Concrete slab pouring is the final step in basement underpinning. We install all plumbing and electrical utilities before because they would be under concrete. It's important to lay concrete smoothly and create ideal base for any future flooring.

We closely monitor concrete drying process to ensure its long-lasting durability. We complete project by thoroughly basement space cleaning. Our work is done after this and you can start basement finishing.

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Basement underpinning may vary slightly for each home. It depends on the structure of the house, how the basement was used before and what was installed in it. Based on this, we provide additional services that can be performed at the basement underpinning stage.

basement waterproofing Mississauga

Exterior waterproofing

As we said earlier, waterproofing is an important part of protecting any home. We can offer our customers exterior wall waterproofing services for a higher level of protection. This type of work is sometimes difficult to implement due to the various features of the house. For example, when you have a common wall with a neighboring house. Read more about outdoor waterproofing in this article.

Sump Pump Installation

Water may eventually begin to accumulate in each basement. It can get into the basement from open windows, cracks in the walls, or if the waterproofing is damaged. Water can cause significant damage to the structure of your home in the long run.

It is recommended to install a sump pump to prevent water accumulation in the basement. You can read more about all the benefits and how to install sump pumps in this article.

Relocating of Heating System

Many house basements have heating systems installed. Homeowners can change the layout of rooms in a basement after underpinning which can affect the layout of existing water heaters. Our company will relocate the water heating system in the basement at the request of the client. The cost of this work is individual and depends on many factors that we will discuss at the work planning stage.

Basement Walkouts

Basement walkout can be a great solution for every home. A separate exit from the basement will be a great solution for those who rent it out. This will allow residents to contact less and get a separate entrance. It is also a convenient opportunity to move from the basement to the backyard.

Basement walks outs are a separate building process that requires preparation and planning. You can learn more about this process in this article. Also, our experts can answer all your questions during the estimate.

Basement walkout installation Mississauga

FAQs About Basement Underpinning in Mississauga, ON

The cost of drawings directly depends on the complexity of the work and is individual for each project. Professional architects quote a minimum price of $2,000. Any additional work that appears on the drawings and requires permission from the government will affect the cost of this work.

Basement underpinning primarily works with a large amount of soil. The best season for this type of work will be summer. The soil is usually dry and easy to dig at this time of the year. You may experience heavy rain or frost if you plan to build at other times of the year. This greatly complicates the workflow.

Every basement is at least partially underground. This makes it difficult to install large windows and fill the rooms with natural light. The design of the house in some cases allows you to install high enough windows to provide the basement with natural light. You should also consider a system of high-quality artificial lighting for a comfortable stay in the basement.

The height of the basement after underpinning depends on the features of the house and the preferences of its owner. If you want to build living rooms in the basement, then 8 feet will be optimal. You don't have to feel discomfort from low ceilings while spending time in one of the rooms. The height of the basement in some cases is performed at 9 feet. This visually expands the rooms, but this height is not acceptable in every house.

Basement underpinning in Toronto involves strengthening and deepening your home's foundation. Safety of living in the house during this process depends on type of work being carried out. Recommended to move out of the house If there is full basement lowering. There will be a lot of dust and noise during renovation work. Also this work will affect structural integrity of the house. Don’t need worry about your home during renovations. Our team ensures highest safety standards. We constantly monitor the site to ensure safety of your home throughout entire process.

Improper basement underpinning can have serious consequences for homeowners. Incorrectly underpinned foundation can lead to structural instability of the house. This can lead to cracks in walls, uneven floors, and even collapse in rare cases. Additional problems that can arise include mold growth, water damage, and worsening air quality inside house. Cost of correcting these mistakes may exceed original project budget. VMB Group has been carrying out basement underpinning projects for many years and has huge experience in this field. Our specialists guarantee compliance with all standards, as well as safety and durability of your home for many years.

Homeowners must complete several preparatory steps before starting underpinning process. Remove all items from basement to prevent damage and make access for the work team. Informing neighbors about upcoming work will help manage expectations regarding noise and potential disruptions. You must also obtain all necessary permits before starting work. Our company will give advice on preparation stage and will also help you with all difficulties that may arise during renovation stage.

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Albo Renovation Worker


Mississauga, nestled along the picturesque Lake Ontario shoreline and adjacent to Toronto to the west, is a vibrant city boasting a diverse and growing population of approximately 717,000 inhabitants as of 2021, ranking it as the third-largest city in Ontario.


Spanning an area of roughly 292 square kilometers, Mississauga enjoys a prime location that includes an expansive 13 kilometers of scenic lakefront. The city’s climate offers residents about half a year free from snow, although it’s not uncommon to see light snowfall as early as May or as late as October, which seldom results in lasting ground coverage. Situated in plant hardiness zone 6B, Mississauga experiences regular ground freeze-thaw cycles, a condition that is particularly relevant for homeowners and property investors alike due to implications for building foundations and basements.

This climatic characteristic underscores the importance of basement underpinning and lowering practices in Mississauga. These procedures not only address the structural challenges posed by the local ground conditions but also unlock new potentials for homeowners. Through basement underpinning, residents are able to reinforce and stabilize their home foundations against the frequent freezing and thawing of the ground, mitigating risks of foundational weaknesses or damage.


Additionally, basement lowering has become an increasingly popular solution for Mississauga homeowners looking to maximize their living space without the need for external expansions.