House Addition Project in Hamilton


Project Success Metrics

  • Delivered on time and within budget
  • 9.5/10 customer satisfaction
  • $50,000 total project cost
  • 80% local labor
  • 100% local supplier spend
  • 25 volunteer hours donated


Building Stats

  • 600 sq ft house addition
  • Installation of new structural supports
  • Upgraded HVAC and electrical systems
  • Energy-efficient windows and insulation added
  • Reinforcement of existing structure


Homeowner in Hamilton




March 2024


Hamilton, Ontario




This project involved expanding a residential property in Hamilton to meet the growing needs of the homeowner. Undertaken by VMB Group, the project focused on enhancing living space while ensuring structural integrity and energy efficiency. The addition included installing new structural supports, upgrading HVAC and electrical systems, and integrating energy-efficient solutions.


The house addition project in Hamilton was more than just expanding living space; it was a transformative journey aimed at meeting the evolving needs of the homeowners.


Initial Assessment and Planning

The project began with a comprehensive assessment of the existing property and discussions with the homeowners to understand their vision. A young family with plans for future growth, they envisioned additional bedrooms and a functional family space that would integrate seamlessly with their existing home.

Detailed Structural and System Upgrades:

During the planning phase, key structural enhancements and system upgrades were identified. This included ensuring sufficient structural support for the addition, evaluating HVAC and electrical requirements, and planning for energy-efficient solutions.

Excavation and Foundation Preparation:

Given the property’s age and the need for a solid foundation, careful excavation was undertaken. The excavation process involved precise digging to prepare the ground for new footings and to ensure the stability of the existing structure during construction.

Installation of New Structural Supports:

New structural supports were strategically installed to bolster the house addition’s framework. This phase required meticulous planning and precise execution to integrate seamlessly with the existing structure and ensure long-term stability.

HVAC and Electrical Upgrades:

Upgrading the HVAC and electrical systems was crucial to support the increased demands of the expanded living space. New systems were installed to improve energy efficiency, enhance indoor comfort, and meet modern standards for residential living.

Energy-Efficient Enhancements:

Energy-saving windows and insulation were carefully selected to optimize thermal performance. These enhancements not only reduce heating and cooling costs but also improve overall comfort throughout the year.

Finishing Touches:

The final stages of the project focused on transforming the expanded space into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing area. High-quality finishes were applied to walls and floors, creating a cohesive interior that complements the existing home’s style while enhancing functionality.

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Completing the Hamilton house addition project on time and within budget required strategic problem-solving. We closely collaborated with our suppliers and clients to implement practical solutions. This included addressing initial challenges like high water tables and structural issues, swiftly resolving them to prevent delays.

Handling unexpected weather and material shortages was another major hurdle. We responded by sourcing local alternatives promptly, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effectiveness. These proactive steps kept the project on track, meeting both timeline and budget goals seamlessly.

We applied advanced construction methods such as hydraulic jacks and specialized concrete blends to strengthen the new foundation. Cutting-edge waterproofing systems were also installed to protect against potential water damage, ensuring lasting durability.


Beyond enhancing the home, the Hamilton house addition project positively impacted the community. Prioritizing local suppliers and employing 85% local labor boosted the regional economy and created jobs in Hamilton. This approach supported local businesses, promoted economic growth, and fostered sustainability.

The upgraded living space improved the homeowners’ quality of life and supported environmental responsibility. Energy-efficient upgrades reduced the project’s environmental footprint, aligning with sustainable practices. Additionally, supporting nearby suppliers and farms strengthened community bonds and encouraged eco-friendly initiatives.



This house addition project in Hamilton demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality results on time and within budget. By overcoming challenges with innovative solutions and maintaining a collaborative approach, we’ve enhanced the home’s functionality and value while positively impacting the local community through economic support and sustainable practices.


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