Case Study: Basement Lowering Project in East York


Project Success Metrics

  • Delivered on time and within budget
  • 9.8/10 customer satisfaction
  • $25,000 total project cost
  • 70% local labor
  • 47/50 CCS Score
  • 95% local supplier spend
  • 400 car miles saved on the project


Building Stats

  • 800 sq ft basement lowering
  • Installation of new floor slab
  • Upgraded waterproofing and drainage system
  • Enhanced lighting and ventilation
  • Reinforcement of foundation walls


Homeowner in East York




April 2024


East York, Ontario




This project involved significantly lowering the basement of an aging residential home in East York to enhance safety and usability. VMB Group undertook the task of lowering the basement floor, upgrading the waterproofing system, and reinforcing foundation walls to provide a secure and modern living space.



The homeowner, Mr. Johnson, had lived in his East York home for over two decades. The house, while full of charm, was showing its age with a basement that was not only outdated but also posed safety concerns. “The basement had low ceilings and a damp, musty smell,” recalled Mr. Johnson. “It wasn’t a space where we could comfortably spend time or store valuables.”

Initial Assessment and Planning

The decision to lower the basement came after years of consideration. “We wanted to make the basement safer and more functional,” explained Mr. Johnson. “Our children were growing up, and we needed additional living space that was not only accessible but also modern and dry.”



The basement lowering project aimed to transform the underutilized space into a safe and comfortable area for the family. Here’s how the process unfolded:

Initial Assessment and Planning

VMB Group conducted a thorough assessment of the basement’s structural integrity and safety concerns. Detailed planning included engineering analyses to ensure the feasibility of lowering the basement floor while maintaining the home’s stability.

Excavation and Floor Slab Installation:

Careful excavation of the basement floor was carried out to create additional headroom. The old concrete slab was removed, and a new, reinforced concrete slab was installed at a lower elevation to increase ceiling height and improve accessibility.


Waterproofing and Drainage System Upgrade:

State-of-the-art waterproofing membranes were applied to the basement walls and new floor slab to prevent moisture infiltration. A modern drainage system was installed to efficiently channel water away from the foundation, ensuring a dry and habitable space.

Enhanced Lighting and Ventilation

To enhance comfort and usability, new lighting fixtures were installed, and natural light sources were optimized. Mechanical ventilation systems were integrated to improve air quality and reduce humidity, making the basement area more inviting..

Reinforcement of Foundation Walls

Existing foundation walls were reinforced with steel supports and concrete enhancements to accommodate the lower basement level and provide long-term structural stability.


The total project cost of $25,000 was allocated across essential components and services to ensure a comprehensive basement lowering process:

  • Initial Assessment and Planning: $2,000
  • Excavation and Floor Slab Installation: $8,000
  • Waterproofing and Drainage System: $5,000
  • Enhanced Lighting and Ventilation: $4,000
  • Reinforcement of Foundation Walls: $6,000


Delivered on time and within budget, the project exemplified VMB Group’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction. By leveraging local suppliers and skilled labor, we minimized environmental impact and supported the East York community.


The project contributed to local economic growth by utilizing 70% local labor and sourcing 95% of supplies locally. It enhanced the value of Mr. Johnson’s property while providing a safe and energy-efficient living space for his family. The improved basement area allowed the Johnsons to utilize more local products and services, further supporting the East York economy.



This basement lowering project in East York is a testament to VMB Group’s ability to turn aging spaces into modern, functional areas. By prioritizing safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction, we successfully transformed Mr. Johnson’s basement into a valuable asset for his family. The project’s success underscores our dedication to excellence and our commitment to enhancing residential spaces through innovative renovation solutions.

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