Budget Basement Lowering Project in North York


Project Success Metrics

  • Delivered on time and within budget
  • 9.5/10 customer satisfaction
  • $15,000 total project cost
  • 60% local labor
  • 90% local supplier spend


Building Stats

  • 600 sq ft basement lowering
  • Installation of new floor slab
  • Upgraded waterproofing and drainage system
  • Improved lighting and ventilation
  • Foundation reinforcement


Family in North York




May 2024


North York, Ontario




This budget basement lowering project aimed to transform the basement of a family home in North York into a safer and more functional living space. VMB Group undertook the task of lowering the basement floor, enhancing the waterproofing system, and upgrading essential utilities to improve the overall quality of life for the homeowners.



The homeowners, Mr. and Mrs. Patel, had purchased their North York home with the vision of expanding their living space. “The basement was underutilized and had low ceilings,” explained Mr. Patel. “We wanted to create a space where our children could play and where we could host family gatherings comfortably.”


The project involved strategic planning and meticulous execution to maximize the use of space and ensure structural integrity:

Initial Assessment and Planning:

VMB Group conducted a thorough assessment to determine the feasibility of lowering the basement floor while maintaining the home’s stability. Detailed planning included consulting with engineers and architects to address potential challenges upfront.

Excavation and Floor Slab Installation:

Precision excavation was carried out to lower the basement floor, creating additional headroom. The existing floor slab was replaced with a new, reinforced concrete slab, ensuring durability and safety for future use..

Waterproofing and Drainage System Upgrade:

Advanced waterproofing techniques were implemented to protect the basement from moisture infiltration. A new drainage system was installed to efficiently channel water away from the foundation, safeguarding the basement against water damage.


Improved Lighting and Ventilation:

Enhanced lighting fixtures were installed to brighten the basement space, making it more inviting and functional for everyday use. Upgraded ventilation systems were integrated to maintain air quality and prevent humidity buildup.

Foundation Reinforcement:

The foundation walls were reinforced with additional support to accommodate the lowered basement level. Structural enhancements ensured long-term stability and safety for the homeowners.


The total project cost of $15,000 was allocated strategically across essential components and services:

  • Initial Assessment and Planning: $1,500
  • Excavation and Floor Slab Installation: $5,000
  • Waterproofing and Drainage System: $3,000
  • Improved Lighting and Ventilation: $2,500
  • Foundation Reinforcement: $3,000


Delivered on time and within budget, the project showcased VMB Group’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction. By utilizing local suppliers and skilled labor, we minimized environmental impact and supported the local economy in North York.


The project contributed positively to the local community by employing 60% local labor and sourcing 90% of supplies locally. It enhanced the value of the Patel family’s home while providing a safer and more comfortable living environment. The improved basement space allowed the Patels to host gatherings and create lasting memories with friends and family.



This budget basement lowering project in North York demonstrates VMB Group’s expertise in delivering cost-effective renovation solutions without compromising quality. By focusing on innovation and client satisfaction, we successfully transformed the Patel family’s basement into a valuable asset for their home. The project’s success underscores our commitment to excellence and our dedication to enhancing residential spaces through tailored renovation solutions.

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