Basement Underpinning Project for a Home in Vaughan


Project Success Metrics

  • Delivered on time and within budget
  • 9.9/10 customer satisfaction
  • $30,000 total project cost
  • 80% local labor
  • 100% local supplier spend


Building Stats

  • 1,200 sq ft basement underpinning
  • Installation of new structural supports
  • Upgraded waterproofing and drainage system
  • Enhanced energy-efficient insulation
  • Reinforcement of foundation walls


Homeowner in Vaughan




April 2024


Vaughan, Ontario




This project involved a comprehensive basement underpinning for a residential home in Vaughan. VMB Group was tasked with reinforcing the foundation, addressing moisture issues, and transforming the basement into a safe, usable space for the family. The underpinning process included installing new structural supports, upgrading the waterproofing system, and adding energy-efficient insulation.



The basement underpinning project for this Vaughan home was essential to both the safety of the building and the expansion of its usable space. The homeowner wanted to create a secure and dry basement area suitable for storage, a home gym, and a future family room. Here’s how the process unfolded:

Initial Assessment and Planning

The project began with a detailed inspection of the existing basement and foundation. The homeowner had experienced moisture issues and minor structural cracks, limiting the use of the basement. Our team identified key weaknesses and developed a comprehensive plan to address these issues.



Careful excavation was necessary to avoid destabilizing the home. The area around the foundation was excavated in controlled segments. During this phase, we discovered remnants of an old drainage system that had been contributing to the moisture issues. This system was removed and replaced with a modern drainage solution.

Installation of Underpinning Pits

Small sections of the foundation, known as underpinning pits, were excavated to the required depth. Concrete was poured to create new, deeper footings. The homeowner and their children were fascinated by the process and often visited the site to observe and learn about the underpinning techniques.


Steel reinforcements were added to the new footings to ensure they could support the building’s load and the anticipated additional usage of the basement. These reinforcements were integrated with the existing foundation to create a unified structural system.


Structural Supports

Hydraulic jacks were used to support and lift the foundation where necessary, ensuring an even base. This phase required precise coordination to minimize disruption to the family living in the home.

Waterproofing and Drainage

Advanced waterproofing membranes were applied to the basement walls and floors to protect against future moisture issues. A new drainage system was installed to effectively direct water away from the foundation. The homeowner noticed an immediate improvement in the basement’s dryness and air quality.

Insulation and Finishing

Energy-efficient insulation was added to improve thermal performance, making the basement suitable for a home gym and family room. The final touches included high-quality wall and floor finishes, transforming the basement into a clean and secure space.


The total project cost of $30,000 was allocated across various essential components and services to ensure a comprehensive and high-quality underpinning process:

  • Initial Assessment and Planning: $2,500
    • Detailed inspection of the basement and foundation, development of a project plan, and initial consultation.
  • Excavation: $5,000
    • Careful and controlled excavation around the foundation, including the removal and replacement of an old drainage system.
  • Underpinning Pits and Concrete Work: $8,000
    • Excavation of underpinning pits, pouring of concrete to create new footings, and integration with the existing foundation.
  • Reinforcement: $4,500
    • Installation of steel reinforcements to support the building’s load and ensure structural stability.
  • Structural Supports: $3,500
    • Use of hydraulic jacks to support and lift the foundation as necessary.
  • Waterproofing and Drainage: $4,000
  • Insulation and Finishing: $2,500
    • Addition of energy-efficient insulation and high-quality wall and floor finishes.


Delivered on time and within budget, the project overcame several challenges. By working closely with the supply chain and the client, we implemented innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to various issues identified during ground investigations, such as high water tables and existing foundation cracks. These challenges were identified and resolved early to avoid impacting the project timeline.

Our team navigated significant challenges posed by unexpected weather conditions and material shortages. To address these issues, we sourced alternative materials locally, ensuring timely delivery and cost-efficiency. This proactive approach allowed us to maintain the project schedule and budget.

We utilized advanced underpinning techniques, including the use of hydraulic jacks and specialized concrete mixtures, to ensure the new foundation was strong and stable. Additionally, we incorporated state-of-the-art waterproofing systems to protect the basement from potential water damage.


The project had a positive impact on the local community by supporting local businesses and trades. By utilizing 100% local suppliers and 80% local labor, we boosted the local economy and provided jobs for residents. The improved basement space allowed the homeowner to source more local products for their home gym and family room, further supporting nearby suppliers and businesses.

Additionally, the energy-efficient upgrades made during the project contributed to the homeowner’s sustainability efforts, reducing their environmental footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices in the community.



This basement underpinning project in Vaughan is a prime example of how innovative solutions and a collaborative approach can overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results. The project not only improved the safety and functionality of the home’s basement but also contributed to the local community by supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable practices. This case study demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver complex projects on time and within budget.

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