Window Well Installation to Prevent Water in the Basement.
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Window Well Installation Toronto is the GTA’s go-to place for window well installation. Our experts will inspect your home before making recommendations on what maintenance should be done in your home.

Window wells are a term used for a hollow region on the outside of a basement window and are dug out spaces that are generally 2 to 3 feet wide. Window wells come in many varieties and sizes. Some are made of aluminum and look somewhat like a quarter of a circle that attaches to the house for easy access to the window. Other window wells are much larger and are made of plastic. Other materials that make up window wells are concrete, brick, was and other metals.

Toronto residents who want to invest a little bit more into their window well can have a break or natural stone well/ wall built around their window. This is a bit more costly for some homeowners choose to go this route so that the window well perfectly matches the rest of their home. Any customizations can be made to this type of window well. If needed stairs can also be added.

Once a proper hole is dug around the window the window well is placed within it and secured to the foundation. Plastic window wells have the look of stone or brick, with some having steps that can be easily climbed down to access the window.

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Why are window wells needed?

They are generally dug for safety purposes. In the instance of a fire or severe storm within the GTA, a window well would offer as an easy escape from the basement. They also allow more sunshine to enter the basement giving it a less dingy and dark feel. Small ventilators allow air into basements, but some homeowners prefer being able to open a window and let a cool breeze in.

Window wells are also a great drainage system for windows. Without a window well you could end up with flooding around your window and water leaking in. These wells allow for sufficient drainage and are sometimes connected to a main drainage system that drains off all rainwater.

If your basement window opens outward you will need a window well to allow it to open properly. The well has free space and on its landing some homeowners place potted plants or garden decorations for added charm. Some people simply place rocks or gravel to cover up the plastic or dirt landing. With custom brick or stone window wells, concrete can be added to the floor.

The size of your window well depends on the size of your window and your safety concerns as the homeowner. If you or one of your family members is handicapped or elderly you may want to consider a more easily accessible window and window well for an easier escape during an emergency. If you might find it difficult to climb through a window you will want to take extra precautions by adding a step stool, a short ladder or by lengthening your window so that it is closer to the ground and easier to climb out of.

Do you have questions about your window well? Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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