Read Underpinning Reviews by Our Clients in Toronto
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Our Client Reviews


Current Rating 5/5

  • Basement Underpinning
    a month ago

    We were hoping to do something to our basement for many years. It was well under 6 feet and it was impossible to walk in it. Basically our basement was storage place. Our idea was to make it a living space with 1 bedroom, large size bathroom and living area for our daughter as she is now 15. We talked to Eugene at and he gave us ideas of how it could be done. He took care of all permits and drawings. It seemed very easy, but I know it is a complicated process with architect and city officials. It was such a fast change. In just a month and a bit we were already talking about finishing the basement with ALBO Renovations, a company they work with. I want to thank you guys for an amazing job for our house.

  • Lowering the Basement
    July 2016

    My husband and I, purchased our home 2 years ago and we already had a plan to do underpinning. The prices on real estate jumped up so high that we decided to use our investments into lowering the basement and renting it out. responded to our request very fast and created a plan for the job with walkout. I can’t thank them enough for the hard work they did and making our home so much more enjoyable. We honestly hesitated to rent it out at first, because it was kind of better than our main floor. It made so much sense financially to do it. Guys were so nice and polite every time we wanted to intervene with our questions and request. This is the only underpinning company we worked with, but is sure seemed like the service could not be any better. I have attached images on google for the job! Thanks