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New Concrete Floor Finishes

For the interior of your home there are a number of new concrete floor finishes that you could choose. Concrete can be highly customized to fit your design needs and it is the most durable type of flooring. Therefore below are some of the indoor new concrete floor finishes that can be used to offer options indoor floor finishing.

Concrete Stamping

Concrete stamping is another option that can be used. For difficulties in integrating with an indoor space this process must be completed when the slab is being poured. You use a stamp that presses down into the concrete when it is curing to perform this. Therefore, allowing you to create many different designs and copy any type of floor that you can imagine.

Chemical Stain

Chemicals react with the surface and create a color on the floor if you pour a specific type of stain on the concrete. You can create almost any color that you want with this method. By pouring the stain over solid materials on the floor, mopping or spraying chemicals onto the area you can create designs or different looks. You do not know exactly how the stain will react with every type of concrete so a test should be performed before the final project to observe what is expected since this method is somewhat unpredictable.

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Colored Hardeners

For you to sprinkle on top of the concrete while it is still wet colored hardeners typically come in powder form. The moisture will bond with the colored hardeners to create a unique look in the concrete and the water that is inside the concrete will come up also into the colored hardeners. In conjunction with chemical staining to create darker colors that stand out on the floor many people use this type of finish.


The process of completing on existing concrete slabs is known as scoring. Ideally, to make a tile look like a concrete floor this can be performed. To etch the concrete, create lines and unique or random patterns for stipulated results.


A concrete sealer can be used to finish any type of concrete. To increase the shine and give you a completely different look than if you had left it dull some concrete sealers will offer a glossy surface. Many people prefer this look since it brightens the floor. To keep the concrete from absorbing any dampness all sealers will also create a moisture barrier. Sealers have been used widely mostly in office setups so that they can brighten up an office with different colors.

Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Heavy duty concrete grinding machines and diamond-impregnated segments or discs which resemble durable sandpaper are the materials required for the process of concrete grinding and polishing. The disks are gradually replaced with finer grit discs in order to produce a high shine or smoothness during the process of concrete grinding.

Benefits of Concrete Polishing and Grinding

For floors in commercial and industrial applications there are a number of benefits to concrete polishing and grinding. Concrete grinding and polishing is a long term flooring solution because of the many advantage that polished concrete floors offer.


All of the benefits of regular concrete including great durability are offered by polished concrete floors. Even in high traffic areas polished concrete floors hold up well since they do not chip, discolor or stain. The needs for frequent resurfacing and messy waxing are eliminated by concrete grinding and polishing

Low Maintenance

A durable surface which lasts much longer than other surfaces including vinyl or stone tile is created by polishing and grinding concrete. Other than occasional sweeping or moping to remove dust or debris from the surface polished concrete floors require little maintenance. In addition, polished concrete floors may need to be refinished every five to ten years to restore the beauty and shine depending on traffic.

Low Cost

A beautiful surface that resembles stone or other more costly materials can be created by concrete polishing and grinding. When compared to the installation and materials costs of other flooring options concrete grinding and polishing is quick and affordable.

Aesthetic Appeal and Attractive Look

The natural beauty of any type of concrete is brought about by concrete polishing and grinding. Additionally, they can provide the look of expensive polished stone including granite and marble when the concrete stains are applied over polished concrete. A stylish and beautiful look for years to come with little up keep or maintenance is provided with a polished concrete.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete polishing and grinding is a sustainable flooring solution and environmentally friendly. Including the low amount of waste produced during installation and longer lasting properties of the flooring as well as the ability for polished concrete in improving indoor air quality by elimination or reduction of dust, mildew and mold are some of the reasons why this process is termed environmental friendly.

High Gloss and Reflecting Surface

A high gloss surface that reflects light is created by grinding and polishing concrete surfaces. Therefore reducing lighting costs even in large buildings, warehouses and factories and also create a safer environment for workers especially in factories where much lighting is needed.

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