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Foundation Repair

Do you have bulging floors, cracked walls or doors that no longer close properly? These can all be signs of foundation problems. When a foundation settles improperly can lead to major structural problems within your entire home. Luckily, there are ways to repair a foundation.

Improper foundation settlement can be caused by improperly compacted fill soils, a Toronto home being built on top of expansive clay, or lack of maintenance around a foundation. Older GTA homes are more prone to foundation problems. Not only do foundation problems pose safety concerns for you and your family they can also devalue your home and property.

If you notice signs of foundation weakening you should address the problem immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get. In extreme cases homes can be rendered unsafe and unlivable due to uncared for foundation problems. A small crack in a basement wall may not seem like a big deal, but there are likely underlying problems that you cannot see that need attention.

There are two types of foundation repair. The first is slabjacking. This is the process in which grout is pumped beneath the foundation, helping it lift to its original elevation. The second is piering. Piering is when steel posts are placed through unstable soil. Hydraulic jacks are then used to raise and stabilize a concrete slab. The process used to fix a foundation depends on the type of distress the foundation is under.

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Foundation repair

Foundation Repair Method

Before we decide on a repair method we first have to determine what is causing the distress to the foundation. We look at trim boards, molds, brick and windows for clues as to what is going on. We also take the recent Toronto area weather into account. Heavy rainfall or unusually dry weather for the GTA can cause problems in the soil.

We commonly use slabjacking for smaller slab problems. This can be done on sunken concrete, sidewalks, driveways and swimming pool decks. We pump cement through small holes in a concrete slab to slowly raise it back to its original place. This not only fixes the problem it also ensures that the problem will not happen again, as it stabilizes the soil beneath the slab to prevent reoccurrence.


Piering is done for larger problems found in a home’s foundation. In the case of a home, the slab needs to be lifted and stabilize. We use top-of-the-line jacks to lift any settled foundation beams back into their original place. This is done slowly and carefully to ensure that no further damage is done to the foundation or to the house.

These repairs are more commonly done on older homes, but we are also called in to do work on homes that are more susceptible to the GTA weather changes and/or were not built professionally with proper materials and extra support. If you’re unsure what type of foundation repair you need done, give us a call and we can answer any of your questions.

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