Exterior Waterproofing – Basement Water Prevention for 25 Years
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Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is often performed after dampness has been found in a basement. Some homeowners choose to have exterior waterproofing done after they discover mild to moderate dampness. Other less fortunate homeowners suffer major damage to their home and personal property from severely wet or flooded basements before calling us to get their waterproofing done.

But exterior waterproofing can also serve as a preventative measure. Even if you have never experienced a wet or flooded basement waterproofing is highly recommended for homes in the GTA.  New homes are generally built already waterproofed, but here in the Toronto area there are many older homes that will require this service over the next several years.

Wet or damp basements have been the cause of many problems for homeowners across Toronto and surrounding area.  Damp basements are not merely an annoyance that cause unsightly white marks on walls and musty odours.  They can be real health hazards as they become breeding grounds for dangerous mold, and they can decrease the value of your home significantly as it affects your home’s structural soundness. Toronto realtors will recommend that you fix your basement before selling your home.  Waterproofing can not only instantly improve the value of your home, but it can also save you a lot of money in repair bills and in the loss of personal belongings.

If it is possible, we usually recommend exterior waterproofing to keep you home free of water because it stops water from entering your home at its source – the outside.  It might seem like an intimidating repair or preventive maintenance to have done to your home, but the results will be well worth it.

Outside Waterproofing With Gravel Applied
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Basement Waterproofing Done with gravel outside

Exterior Waterproofing Experts

Exterior waterproofing is a job that should only be done by trained experts. When we waterproof your home the outside, we dig a trench about 5 feet deep and 2 to 3 feet wide.  We then clean the walls of your foundation in order to be able to properly inspect sources where water may be seeping through.  Problem areas are chiseled away and then repaired in order to restore your foundation.

A rubber membrane is then applied along with a sheet of drainage membrane. These will be central to ensuring that your foundation remains waterproof regardless of any foundation settlement. Finally, a layer of clear gravel is used to cover the weeping tiles to ensure that you have the best drainage possible.

If you have any window wells that need to be repaired, we will also do this during your exterior waterproofing to ensure that water does not enter your home through the window wells.

The last step is to refill the trench with soil and compact it to its original level.

Our years of experience and top-of-the-line materials ensure that your home will be free and clear of any more leaks.  It has been our experience that once a customer has had exterior waterproofing done, they have more peace of mind about the soundness of their home and the safety of any personal belongings which may be stored in their basement.

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