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Ajax Underpinning & Basement Lowering

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Underpinning Licenses and Reviews

At VMB Group, we’re unmatched in providing top-tier underpinning and basement lowering services across Ajax and its surroundings. Our team carries forward a legacy of over 15 years in delivering projects that blend meticulous craftsmanship with innovation. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of quality, ensuring each project not only meets but exceeds your expectations. With more than half of our clients enjoying a return on investment exceeding 50%, VMB Group stands tall as your reliable partner for elevating the functionality and value of your living spaces.

What Is Basement Underpinning?


Basement underpinning is a sophisticated method aimed at enhancing the foundation of your home. This process involves diminishing the depth of your current foundation by integrating new footings beneath the existing ones.

The procedure entails a deliberate excavation underneath the current footings to introduce new, strengthened footings at a lowered depth. This critical step significantly boosts the foundation’s overall stability and resilience. The outcome? A home that not only stands firmer but also offers additional space for living or storage, all while maintaining the structural integrity of your domicile.

Engaging in basement underpinning is a detailed endeavor. It begins with the careful dismantling of the old foundation, followed by the removal of soil beneath, and culminating in the installation of a newly designed foundation. This thorough process transforms your home by enhancing its robustness and durability, leading to an increase in its market value. Opting for basement lowering presents a twofold advantage: it not only augments storage and living area by increasing the ceiling height, thus improving accessibility and comfort, but it also addresses and rectifies underlying structural concerns. All this, remarkably, at a cost significantly lesser than what you would incur with traditional house extensions.

What Are The Benefits of Basement Lowering Ajax

What Are The Benefits of Basement Lowering?


Over the years, a variety of conditions such as shifts in the soil, moisture infiltration, or the natural settlement of the structure can impair a house’s foundation. Through basement underpinning, these critical issues are addressed, reinforcing the foundation to ensure its ongoing stability and reliability for the foreseeable future.


Basement lowering presents an array of attractive benefits for homeowners in Ajax who are aiming to boost both their living environment and the value of their property:

  • Structural Stability: The act of lowering the basement floor effectively tackles structural dilemmas that might develop over time, including sloping floors, cracks in the walls, or inconsistent settling. Underpinning provides a robust and even foundation, aiding in the rectification of these concerns.
  • Increased Usable Space: By undertaking the basement underpinning process, the ceiling height within the basement is elevated, rendering the area more spacious and inviting. Such an expanded basement space can be developed and converted into additional, functional living quarters.
  • Improved Property Value: Revitalizing your basement by increasing the ceiling height and adding extra living space significantly elevates the valuation of your home. Prospective buyers are often drawn to properties featuring well-finished basements that afford versatile and practical living spaces, thereby boosting the house’s resale potential and enhancing its attractiveness on the market.

How Much Does it Cost to Lower Your Basement in Ajax?

Residents in Ajax considering basement lowering should anticipate an investment ranging from $30,000 to $70,000. On average, the cost for basement underpinning falls within $70-90 per square foot, incorporating the expenses for labor, materials, and the necessary equipment to reinforce and lower the foundation effectively.


It’s crucial to recognize that these numbers serve as general estimates, and the actual costs can differ depending on the unique requirements of each project and the prevailing market conditions in the area. For a precise evaluation of basement lowering expenses in Ajax, engaging with skilled contractors who can offer comprehensive quotes tailored to your specific project needs is highly advisable.

What Influences The Cost of Basement Lowering in Ajax?


The cost of lowering a basement in Ajax can be influenced by a variety of critical factors. These include:


Basement Size: The dimensions of the basement play a pivotal role in the scale of excavation and underpinning work necessary. Naturally, larger basements demand more extensive labor, materials, and equipment, which in turn, elevates the cost.


Depth of Lowering: How much deeper the basement needs to be made will significantly affect the overall financial investment needed for the project. Greater depth requires more comprehensive underpinning efforts and structural adjustments, thereby increasing the project’s total expenses.


Foundation Condition: The current state of the basement’s foundation is a crucial determinant in the cost calculation. Foundations that are in deteriorated condition or necessitate substantial repairs will require additional work, thereby augmenting the project’s cumulative cost.


Structural Complexity: The intricacies involved in the structural modifications for lowering the basement also influence the cost. Projects that entail complex designs, difficult-to-navigate access points, or specific custom requirements will demand additional time and resources, leading to an uptick in overall expenses.

For an accurate evaluation of the influential cost factors and necessary budget considerations for a basement lowering project in Ajax, it’s essential to engage with experienced professionals who can provide a comprehensive assessment tailored to your project’s specific dynamics.

Underpinning & Basement Lowering Services We Offer


Strengthen your foundation and secure your home’s stability with our expert basement underpinning services.

Basement Lowering

Unlock additional living space and increase ceiling height by lowering your basement floor with our professional solutions.


Enhance the support and stability of your structure with precision-engineered bench footings tailored to your specific needs.


Maximize usable space and accessibility by excavating and converting your crawl space into a functional area with our efficient excavation services.


Upgrade your basement with a walkout entrance for added convenience, natural light, and enhanced accessibility to your outdoor space.


Transform your basement into a fully functional and inviting living area with our comprehensive finishing services, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Why Choose VMB Group for Basement Underpinning in Ajax?


At VMB Group, our team of experienced underpinning professionals manages every detail of your project, from the initial evaluation to the final touches. Here’s what distinguishes our service:

Thorough Site Assessment: Our qualified team conducts an in-depth assessment of your property to customize our underpinning solutions to meet your precise requirements.


Comprehensive Planning and Permitting: We take care of every aspect of design, planning, and securing the necessary permissions, offering you a smooth and straightforward experience.


Secure Structural Support: With a focus on utmost safety, we ensure the structural integrity of your home is maintained throughout the underpinning process.


Precision Excavation and Construction: Our method involves meticulous soil removal and old foundation extraction, followed by the construction of new concrete footings and walls, ensuring your home rests on a solid foundation for the foreseeable future.

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About Ajax and Basement Lowering in The Area

Ajax, positioned on the shores of Lake Ontario just east of Toronto, embodies a rapidly growing community with a dynamic spirit. With a population that exceeded 119,677 in 2021, Ajax stands out for its blend of urban and suburban lifestyles, offering residents a diverse living experience paired with lush green spaces, extensive parklands, and a rich tapestry of cultural heritage.


The town enjoys a temperate climate influenced by Lake Ontario, resulting in milder winters and cooler summers, ideal for enjoying its numerous outdoor attractions, including waterfront parks, conservation areas, and recreational facilities. Ajax boasts a robust local economy, vibrant shopping districts, and a vast selection of dining and entertainment options, enhancing its residential appeal.

When it comes to home renovation endeavors, such as basement lowering, Ajax homeowners are required to secure a building permit from the local municipality. Although certain smaller projects might be exempt from this requirement, major renovations like basement excavation or underpinning to fortify foundation walls necessitate proper permitting. Our VMB Group team is well-versed in managing the entire permitting process, ensuring your project complies with all local building standards and regulations.


By partnering with VMB Group for your basement underpinning project in Ajax, you’re guaranteed a project carried out with the utmost professionalism, accuracy, and compliance with all relevant regulations.

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FAQs About Underpinning & Basement Lowering

Beyond adding extra living space and potentially increasing your home’s value, basement lowering can also offer improved insulation and energy efficiency, enhanced structural integrity, and the opportunity to address and prevent water ingress issues with modern waterproofing solutions.

The duration of an underpinning project can vary. Factors affecting the timeline include the project's scope, the basement's size, unexpected challenges like finding poor soil, and weather conditions. Typically, a project can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months.

Yes, most municipalities require a permit for basement underpinning as it involves significant changes to your home’s foundation. The process involves submitting detailed plans and sometimes an engineering report to your local building department for approval.

Absolutely. Basement lowering projects often incorporate waterproofing measures. This is an excellent time to address any existing water issues and ensure that the newly lowered basement is dry and well-protected from potential water ingress, using techniques such as internal weeping tiles, sump pumps, and waterproof membranes.

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